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Tune up Your Automobile

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If you take a look under the hood of your vehicle and check out all those wires, you might think that this project would be very difficult. On the contrary, its quite simple, for most cars anyway. You need to get a tune up for your car every 0,000 miles. There are basic tune-ups and advanced tune-ups that you can choose from to perform on your vehicle. Tune-ups will improve your car and help it stay running.

Tune-ups help your car last longer. It improves your fas mileage. If you didnt get a tune-up when youve reached around 0,000 miles, your car will putt-putt through the streets. With a tune-up, itll keep the car runing at its best performance level and decreases the smog level. In order to start your tune-up process without the assistance of a company, youd need the necessities to start your basic tune-up.

Youd want to start off with changing your oil. By doing this youd want to hack up your car. Put a bucket, or something to catch the oil when it comes out, underneath your car. Get under your cehicle and unscrew the oil plug to let the oil come out. When its done draining, put the cap back on and move to the top of your engine. Youll want to replace the oil filter. Now, add 4-5 quarts of clean oil into the oil spout. It should be labeled so you shouldnt have a problem finding it.

For replacing your spark plugs, make sure you have the correct spark plugs and wires that will fit in your car. Take off one of your old wires and pay attention to where it came off at since you are going to be putting a new one in the exact same place. Take the old wire and measure it with a new one. Take a ratchet, have an extension on it, and make sure its used to fit into a spark plug socket. You need to have the right size that will fit into the engine where you are removing the spark plugs. You are going to start loosening the old spark plug thats inside the engine. After its loose it will end up in your ratchet when you take the ratchet out of the compartment that you were getting the spark plug out of. When removed, you put a new spark plug in the ratchet and put it in the ompartment where the old one was, and tighten it. When thats im, put your new wire on. It should just snap on but you have to push. Make sure you have both ends connected. Make sure everything is secure, and repeat the process with the rest of the spark plugs and wires.

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When you are done checking the engine belt, battery fluid, and carburetor filter, you can change your air filter. Unscrew the air filter that is on top of the engine. You unscrew the bolt holding the filter in, and lift it out. You are going to replace the old one with a new filter. Place it in the place where you took out the old one and tighten the bolt. You are now done with the basic tune-up.

Its important to change your oil and spark plugs because it will help your car idle more smoothly. If you dont have your basic tune-up, your car will overheat and die out on you. Sometimes your engine will mess up or it wont run right, you might want to try the tune-up. Just satart witht the cheapest thing to chagne. Check the oil, spark plugs, wiring, the filters, and other fluids that go into your ar. You are good to go when everything is working fine.

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