Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two Different Worlds

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Two Different Worlds High School Life and College Life

When do students sleep less the 6 hours a day? When do students become more focused and serious on their studies? When do students feel the real pressure of studying? Probably you will say once the student enters college. It is true that college life of students is a lot more different than high school life. Having different kinds of environment and different teaching and grading methods make the college and high school life unlike.

Upon entering college, I notice the big shift in the environment. On my first day in college, I only encountered less than ten old friends and classmates whom I know. Compared to my high school days, students developed closeness to each other. With in the four years of stay in high school, some of my past classmates in first year still became my classmates in the succeeding years. I also noticed that every after class in college, students are running with lots of books at hand just to catch their next class on time. In what I experience in high school, after each class we just sit or roam around using our time unproductively. Once I passed by the college library, I saw that almost all of the day it was full with students doing research and taking down notes. In our library in high school, students stay at the library just to chat and let time pass.

In college, teaching and grading methods had a big change compared to my high school. I can say that both in high schools and college, lectures are given just like the same. But in college, the students are not fed with the materials for the lecture. I am responsible for finding the sources for the subject. In college absences are allowed which develops the time management in studying. In high school, one must be good in behavior because ones’ character is grade, while in college, no additional points will be given for being so very quiet. In college, to be able to learn, one must talk a lot and red a lot.

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Entering college is changing my world, a world from high school to college world. Having different changes in the environment and methods of teaching and grading, students must learn to adjust and cope up with the needs of college life. College is a challenge that will help a student in his future.

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