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censorship of movies

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Are movies too outrageous and need to be censored? There are unsupervised children watching and imitating what they observe from movies. There are more violence, sex, and drugs than ever showing in the movies. For various reasons, some citizens agree, and others disagree with the censoring of movies.

A reason why many citizens would want movies to be censored is there children are watching them. For example, a few movies have nonstop unnecessary violence throughout the show. A parent would not want his or her under-aged teen exposed to negative type of material. Theaters currently have a rule against young adults entering movies over the rating of “PG-1”. The rule requires that no one would be permitted into the theater of a movie that has a rating of “R” without valid identification. Many adolescents negate that rule. An adolescent could ask an adult to buy their ticket, and then watch the movie. If a child sees something they think is “cool”, they might imitate what they witnessed. Some of the material they imitate in the movies could harm their self or someone else.

On the other hand, some individuals disagree with censoring movies. Many people feel that they are adults and want to view the original movie. Movies could influence a child more than it may an adult. For instance, a movie that is screening an individual killing someone could be influential. In the movie, it may show someone becoming upset to the extent he or she pulls out a gun on someone else. For a child, after watching the movie, they would feel pulling out a gun is the right thing if your upset. Movies do no show the end results of what happens after someone is murdered. As for adults, they would know the consequences and not pull out a gun as quickly as a child. Some would recommend that there are certain movie theaters that should only show rated “R” and other adult movies. In this case, to build separate movie theaters for “adults only” would require more money to come out for taxes. Many U.S citizens would disagree with more taxes being withheld from their paychecks. There are more ways to prevent young adults from viewing explicit material.

Theaters should restrict children and not allow them into the movies. Movie theaters should have personnel at the entrance at all times to verify valid entries. Every employee should not allow anyone without proper identification into the movie. This would restrict under-aged children to view the movie, even though they have someone to purchase their movie ticket. This would resolve both of the problems of adults viewing the movies and the parents concern. This would be the best suggestion, but the underage teenagers would not approve of the censoring.

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Overall, censoring movies would cause many more problems. If the employees would take precautions and ensure the children do not view the movie, the situation would be resolved. It may decrease sales in the box office, but it could most likely save lives.

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