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Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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John Proctor was a tragic hero as evidenced by the crime of lechery that he committed and his non-belief of witchcraft. When John Proctor admitted to his sin of adultery, this put him on the spot for the whole court and community to see. His denouncing of God towards the end of the book also put Proctor in trouble. His sins convinced the court that he was a warlock and that he should be hung for the crimes he committed.

Early in the court proceedings, John Proctor admitted to committing the crime of lechery. This was an immeasurable shock to the town because he was considered a very honorable man and he was high in the community. To admit to such a crime, it made John Proctor different from most citizens. This demonstrates how he’s a tragic hero because this situation represents the “good” and “evil” in him. In the town’s eyes, John’s crime of adultery is considered an evil, bad and a very unpure thing for anyone to do. It’s evil against the church, and evil against the court, and most certainly evil against the Protestant beliefs. “Excellency, forgive me, she thinks to dance with me on my wife’s grave! And well she might, for I thought of her softly. God help me, I lusted and there is a promise in such sweat. But is a whore’s vengeance and you must see it.” This quote demonstrates how there is also a good in Proctor. He admitted to his sins and explained the situation in order to save his wife. He tried to tell the court that it was true he slept with Abigail, but he stated that the only reason that Elizabeth is an accused witch is because Abigail wants to get revenge. She wants Elizabeth to be hung so she can replace her and be with John Proctor.

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