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Dream Deferred

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Langston Hughes wrote “Dream Deferred” in 161. Although Langston Hughes poem, Dream Deferred, is short, it leads to the reader questing whether they have had a dream deferred, and what happened to that dream. When the question is asked “what happens to a dream deferred,” the answers appears to be more questions. The writer’s poem explains when a dream is put off the effects can be quite serious. The writer also never names a specific dream attached to the poem which then allows the reader to place the poem on the deepest of personal level, one’s own failures and achievements. Langston Hughes uses five similes followed by an intense powerful statement “Or does it explode?”to describe possible ansers . The argument this poem poses is, how each simile shows how different types of dreams are postponed.

The first simile that Hughes uses in his work is “Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun ?” Raisins are good food and useful, however if it is left in the sun too long it become useless. As far as people dream are concerned, this could mean people’s dreams are taking too long. For example a singer who has sung her whole life, she preformed everywhere, and almost every day. All her life the singer’s dream has been to have a grammy, however because she gave it her all every day now her vocal cords are damaged and she no longer has her use, much like a raisin when it is inedible.

What happens to a dream when it festers like a sore and the runs? People most certainly do not what a sore to run this means that things are getting worse and it will take even longer to


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heal. This simile applies very well to dreams deferred. If on a path to accomplish a dream you take a slightly wrong turn, it could cause a chain reaction destroying the dream. Many people’s dreams are affected in this way such as, a stock broker that did illegal trading to fulfill the dream of becoming weathly, then got caught and that made the broker loose all his saving, and earned him jail time.

A dream that is deferred too long will rot, just as meat rots. When meat rots it, serves no purpose, but if the meat had been used in a timely fashion then its whole existence would have meaning. The same is true if a person waits too long to become a ballet dancer, model, or an athlete. These dreams could have become realities but time won the race.

According to Hughes dreams also may, “crust and sugar over- like a syrupy sweet.” With this simile Hughes demonstrates that when dreams are pushed a side they become useless. If someone has a talent which is their passion and put it on the back burner because of bad circumstances then the dream may never get fulfilled and becomes useless.

The second stanza of Hughes’ poem isn’t really a question but more like an open-ended statement. “Maybe it just sags like a heavy load-” Readers can relate to this simile because dream deferred can put a burden on our backs. Sometimes when dreams don’t get accomplished or offset the person with the dream can become bitter, depressed, angry, resentful, or sad. Because dreams are so important to our lives feelings of failure will always be like a heavy load on our



The most powerful statement in Hughes’ poem is the last stanza. The final question is “Or does it just explode?” An explosion causes great destruction; what remains after an explosion is merely pieces of what once was or nothing at all. Every reader of Hughes’ poem can look back at a time in their life and see a dream exploded. An exploded dream is when a woman looks back at gymnastics trophies and now can’t even stretch her leg high enough to kick or, when an artist whose work was laughed at so she never showed her art again. An exploded dream is the worst; when we look back on that dream we see only faint images of what once was. Langston Hughes’ poem “ Dream Deferred” makes the reader think about past, present, and future dreams.

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