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Giving the other a hand

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Ms Jones, one of the main characters in the story Thank you, Mam by Langston Hughes, is a bright example for her love and her altruistic action.

The write described Mrs Joness unusual reaction to Roger, the other main character in his story simply but also in detail. Mrs Jones was walking alone, when a boy ran up behind her and tired to snatch her purse. However, the boy lost his balance and fell on his back on the sidewalk because of the weight of her purse. Mrs Jones picked the boy up, asked him to pick up her pocketbook. She asked the boy many questions but the question Are you happy? made the story become interesting. Readers and Roger would think that she would take Roger to the jail. Nevertheless, she didnt do like that. She took Roger to her house, cooked for him, gave him advices, and asked him what he wanted. When she knew that all Roger wanted was a pair of blue suede shoes, she gave him ten dollars to buy it. She let him go with a hope that he would never do like that.

Of tender and tough, the author created a character with wonderful characteristics. She not only forgave for Rogers mistake but also offered him food, money, advice and love. She understood the boys circumstances. Because when she was young, she also wanted things that she couldnt get. She had snatched peoples pocketbooks like him. She absolutely sympathized with his mistake. She gave him help without any condition. She only hoped that he would never make the mistake of latching onto her pocketbook or nobodys else. Nowadays, we hardly find someone like her _ a woman of great compassionate.

Doing what she did was not easy but if I had been in this situation, I would have done what she did. I would have given the boy a hand. I would have asked him about his life and what made him do like that. I would try my best to help him in every way I could. However, I think that Mrs Joness abilities were limited in this story. If I were Mrs Joness, I would do more to help him. Not only giving him food, money, advice and love, I would also help him to change his life according to my abilities. Some children aware of all actions like cheating other people or snatching the others pocketbook are wrong but they still do. They had to do what they did need to survive. If the boy had a family, I would have gone to visit his house, to ask his parents why they had allowed him to roam the streets when he was still so young. They must have had responsibilities for his life. At his age, he had right to go to school, to gained the knowledge, to study how to become an useful person. It was very important as without education, he would resort to crime. If his parents were poor and did not have a stable job, I would manage to help them such as finding them a job. If he had no family, or was an orphan, I would find a social organization to support him like SOS village for orphans. I think it would be a great place for him to be trained to become an useful person. He would have a mother, a real family. It is really meaningful. It not only depends on me but also on everyone else. If you do not do anything, he might become a dangerous criminal. It will affect on your life directly. We are trying to create a perfect society without poverty, disease, and social evils. We not only live for success but also live for love and friendship.

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I know these goals are difficult to reach but I am myself managing to make it come true. Only by studying hard, can I do it. In our modern life, knowledge is power, is a gold key to open every door in our future. I am trying to make all my dreams come true to help others as Mrs Jones did.

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