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The urban legend that I chose to use for this assignment came from a fellow Folklore student. After listening to the recording of the story and reading Jan Harold Brunvand’s “The Vanishing Hitchhiker,” I came to the conclusion that many, not all, characteristics of this particular story would classify the story as an urban legend. Brian Obolewicz, the author of this story, is a fellow fraternity brother and friend. The setting in which this information was gathered took place last Wednesday night. As it turns out, Brian created this urban legend to turn in for a previous Folklore assignment.

The urban legend is about a nameless character. The reader is supposed to assume that this is a true story about the author. This urban legend is about a young boy who goes over to his girlfriend’s house. When he knocks on the door and no one answers, he decides to call her cell phone. This is when the story gets interesting. A strange man answers the phone and say’s “Go away!” When the boy runs to his car and tries to drive away, he sees a man running on the side of the road. The man was thought to be the girl’s dad. The dad explained to the kid that some man was in his house. The two went to get the police over to the house and when they arrived, the narrator saw the girl’s mom and dad lying dead on the floor. The man that the narrator thought was his girl’s dad turned out to be the killer. As we find out by the last sentence, this was all just a dream and nothing really happened.

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