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Honor and success are strongly used in many cultures and in many ways, from mythological passages to the ancient histories of the Native American People. From great warriors that saved their people to the hunters that fed them and the ones that grew and maintained the crops. Success came greatly amongst people, and this was what usually brought the person honor and glory.

In the Native American culture onor was respected in many ways. they hunted and killed animals for food, but once they killed it they prayed and gave thanks for the blessing of food. Honor also came from the warriors and how they bravely fought off the invaders. Scalping was a great demonstration of success. It was their trophy in showing that they had achieved revenge on their enemies. It also showed courage and bravery. They also burned people for revenge as shown in The Last of the Mohicans.

Success was highly praised not only for the things people did, but also for the natural causes. When there was a successful crop season, they had ritual dances to give thanks. When the rivers were plentiful with food, they thanked the lord and blessed the fish they caught. They also gave many thanks for the rain that helped maintain the land and water the crops. These are all examples of the success that the Native American people had.

Learning about another culture is exciting and different. I have learned about the honor and success that the Native Americans had and how important they were to their cultures. I hope that this paper will influence you to explore a different culture and learn fom a different lifestyle.

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