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Improving bussiness effectiveness

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For my web article, I decided to visit and find the basic, yet vital, strategies to improving the effectiveness of a team. I find that teamwork is one of the most important aspects in a business, because if your employees cannot work together, then all you have is chaos. Once I visited the site, I found that the four strategies are clarifying your mission, setting team goals, creating a plan, and conducting progress reviews (team meetings). In the next few paragraphs, I will be explaining the importance of these factors, as well as using personal experiences.

In order to begin using these strategies, you must state the mission clearly and thoroughly to your employees. This sort of leads to the statement “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” Without a clear mission, your employees will be blind to what needs to be done. In order for you to get your employees to “see” the big picture, you must be sure each and every one of them understands they’re contribution to make the mission a success.

Next, you must set team goals or objectives. There are three guidelines to setting reasonable goals for your team. The first one is to make sure your goal supports your team’s overall mission. The second guideline should be that you goals are measurable. If you tell your team that you want an increase in sales, give them an actual number. And finally, date when you want your goals to be completed. For example at my job when we do our inventory pulls each employee has a specified task. After each task is complete we all come together to bring out everything from storage and price all items so that the dead line is met. This will surely increase production in your team once they know how long they have to accomplish their goals.

The third point the site provided was creating a written plan for your team. When you have a plan for your team, things become more organized. The plan should clearly point out any and all responsibilities for each member for your team as well as a step-by-step explanation on how they should follow this plan. This also comes into play were I work because there are times that we have to pull cars for pick up and our storage lot is packed with a lot of cars. So my boss and I plan out a path to move specific cars so that the car for pick up can be extracted. This prevents us from having to move unnecessary cars from our lot, saving us time and space. The plan offers an excellent tool for keeping everyone focused on the team’s objectives and responsibilities. It also will avoid any confusion employees may have about their own objectives.

The final point made was conducting a progress review, or simply having team meetings. These meetings should be discussions about current issues and results, as well as what the future may hold for your team. Some other items you should consider discussing in these meetings include checking to make sure the team is accomplishing its mission, review the team goals, review the team plan, clarify responsibilities for each member of your team, and set a date for the next meeting. Also, when conducting one of these meetings, have a printed agenda for each team member, start and end of time, and keep the meeting on track according to whatever agenda has been set up.

In conclusion, I believe these four strategies should be exercised in every business. I cannot stress enough their importance in keeping a well-organized and effective work place. It makes things so much easier following these steps you will be happier with your job your boss and work place so that you can accomplish the big picture. Hopefully, as I reach the end of this paper, you will understand, as I do, that these four steps will improve and optimize team productivity and effectiveness.

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