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Karl Marx

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The famous Karl Marx was born in May 5th 1818, in a comfortable middle-class family in Trier, in Germany. He Born in a family of Jewish, but then they converted to the Protestant religion, his father Hirschel Marx was a lawyer and was married to Henrietta Pressburg who was from Holland. His father helped him a lot by motivating him and making right decisions for his education, he also helped him financially when Karl had alcohol problems during school years. Karl had 6 brothers and sisters who were adopted in the Evangelic Church. They all died at a young age because of tuberculosis, which was a hereditary disease. At a young age he was a very good story teller and would be adored by girls. He went to school in 180, wasn’t a very good student, but struggled into it with a good overall. He was also known as a very good poet in his early ages. He finally got to university in October 185, it was the Bonn University.

He settled in Bonn on October 17th 185 , life at Bonn was one of the best phases of his life. He had more freedom and the school had a students association which organized parties where they drank and sang. He unfortunately started the bad habit of drinking, it caused him to misbehave in public, for which he got imprisoned and followed by heavy debts. Luckily his father helped him with some allowance. During these years he also joined the poets club.

In 186, he secretly got engaged to a Jenny Von Westphalen which was 4 years older then him. They didn’t reveal it to their parents until the year of 187, which Jenny’s father accepted Karl’s request to engage his daughter. Everyone was wondering what a beautiful girl like Jenna was doing with a ugly man like Karl. It is said that he was really horrible looking, an old man of Trier referred Karl as “the ugliest human being who the sun could ever have shined on”! It was quite like “The beauty and the Beast” but Jenna really loved him and that’s what was important.

He graduated on October nd 187 , it was in the faculty of law. Karl became a man who cut off all social intercourse, he saw no one and spoke to no one for a great while. He became member of a group called Hegelian and found a friend called Rutenburg. It was mostly subjects like literature and science. He then went back to Trier in 18, but he still didn’t spend a lot of time with Jenny. When he went back to Berlin University he didn’t pay as much attention to lectures, he didn’t attend one lecture in three terms. He was only interested in philosophy. He then started writing for Rheinische Zeitung, became quite famous. It’s in October 184 , that he became editor-in-chief of Rheinishe Zeitung and moved from Bonn to Cologne. His work would get censored by the government quite a few times, but after a while they would stop the censoring. His life would get more and busier after he met Engels. Marx and Engels together will work out a theory and tactics of Revolutionary Proletarian Socialism or Communism.

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In 1844, Marx and Engles would go to France and write about the young Hegelians, soon after Marx got expelled from France, and left in Brussels followed by Engles. They both studied books on economy and wrote a pamphlet about “The German”. It was a “Communist Correspondence Committee”. In 148, they wrote another book after a break of years. It was “The Manifesto of the Communist Party” and at the same time Jenny gave birth to his first son called Edgar.

Marx was once again expelled but this time from Belgium, so he went to Paris after completing a public declaration of “policy and aim of Communist Party”. Last but not least he got expelled from Paris too, so he finally went to live in London. In March 1850 Marx’s son past away and one month later he had a new little born, called Franziska. It’s in 185 that Marx came up with “A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy Part I” was published. In 1864, the International Working Mens Association was found in London. Marx was “the central man in the new organization, and author of its first statement, and a host of resolutions, declarations and manifestos.” His health was destabilized by his demanding work. The first volume of Das Kapital, Marxs most important work, appeared in 1867. Finally his weakness disallowed him to finish two other volumes.

In conclusion, on March 14 188 Marx passed away gently in his chair. “Until quite recently almost half the population of the world lived under regimes that claim to be Marxist”. It’s after his death that this Marxism still takes place until today.


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