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philosophy vs. religion

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While the areas of religion and philosophy are quite similar, there are also some key differences, which clearly segregate the two. Both paths affect the lifestyle of the person, yet religion deals with a whole-hearted devotion to someone or something, and philosophy pertains to a particular mentality established by one’s own self. These two aspects of life often tend to contradict one another as well, causing conflict between the different people who “believe” in the two different ideas.

When you first here religion, some of the few things that first come to mind are prayer, worship, god(s)/goddess(es), and church. While these are often found to be essential parts of the various religions known to the world, they all center around a particular figure, more often than not, all energy is focused towards this “being,” whatever it may be. Not only this, but religion is focused on the masses. For any religion you invest any research into, you will take notice to the fact that there are not only numerous people involved, but they yearn to encourage others to join their beliefs.

Philosophy, on the other hand, does not involve the complete devotion towards one particular person, god, or some other idol. Instead, philosophy focuses on a following and lifestyle based on either one, or perhaps many, “ideas.” Developing an idea(s) to live by, they go through life making sure not to contradict one simple idea that either they manifested on their own, or perhaps just used from another individual. In contrast to religion, philosophy is more of a solitary following.

At first thought, these two considerably different followings can be perceived as very similar and often even being the same. The fact of the matter, as I have so clearly stated, is that the two can not be further from being the same; they not only attract two entirely different types of people, but they also act as magnets, either repelling or attracting those of similar beliefs. With all this being true, you will still find that where one exists, there the other is soon to follow after in some way.

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