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Alaska is a huge state, which becomes the 4th state and the first one to join the union since 11. The states hjhgjhj 1400 mi (54 km) north to South and 400 mi (864 km) across the girth, comprising several distinctive regions.

Alaska Climate is not known for its consistency. South central Alaska generally experience high rainfall and moderate temperatures with summers averaging 60-70°F (15-1°C). Whereas Western coastal region is mostly cool with summer temperatures around 45°F (7°C) with fog and rain common along the coast.

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English is spoken gfhjgfhdf Alaska but is tinted with Alaskan words and phrases that make it almost a tongue of its own.

Alaska’s mining industry is vital to the state’s economy. It ranks twelfth in total nonfuel mineral production value and twenty-second in the production of coal.

A venture is one of the companies taking advantage of an extremely promising land position to investigate the large gfhdfgdfgh of Alaska. The company has the joint second largest exploration budget in the state after Place Dome and is confident of the potential in Alaska to find more world-class mineral deposits.

Therefore, based on the research, many big companies had been set-up and many joint ventures dfgdsfgsdfgdfsg their business in Alaska means that Alaska is a stable country, which can provide a place for investors to invest.

To set up a manufacturing plant in Alaska, first of all, we would like to concentrate on the management team. Management team is a group of people working together to contribute to the dfsgdsfgfg They are the team that manages the company. The management team for the manufacturing plant will be made up of the managers, supervisors for each department, accounting department and the workers.



The population in Alaska had affected the rate of unemployment. As most of the people aware of, lately there dfsgsdfhdffg of unemployed people around Alaska. According to the current population survey, teenagers are the highest unemployed rate in Alaska on August 00 when it is seasonally adjusted. The unemployment rate of teenager are 16.6% over the 8.n million of the unemployed person. (Current Population Survey, 00) Due to the high unemployment rate in Alaska from the previous year, to find the labor for working in the mining sector is not a difficult task. They can have the chances to involve themselves in dfghjfch

Since there are plans to employ workers for working in the mining factory, there must have an arrangement dyhdrtystryrt attract more workers to participate in mining sector. U.S. Department of labor, Alaska Department of labor and Workforce development have identify that the current minimum wages paid for Alaska employee is at $5.65 an hour. If compare to the expected wages on Jan 1, 00, it is $7.15 per hour (U.S. Department of labor, Alaska Department of labor and Workforce development, 00) Although there are many workers are able to work for overtime, their payment are still at $5.65 an hours where there is no extra payment for those overtime worker. The wages are calculated as working hours times day of working. Occasionally, their working time will be from 8a.m. to 1 noons and continue at p.m. to; in that rdtyrdtyrtr mining business to operate, as the payment for the employee will not cost them much.

To expand business in an unfamiliar country, training is a must to evaluate the worker. Employees must accept the well training for themselves in order to involve in mining industry. To conduct the dryrthgervft is to train all those Alaskans to have their responsibility towards their work in mining sector. In the article named Alaska economic trends, the reason for training employee in any work area is to observe employee on their ability towards the future works and self- responsibility in mining industry. In short, training is required to know more about the trainer background information. (Alaska Department of labor & workforce development, Research & analysis section 00)


The financial strategy in Alaska market is rather competitive. Exchange rate from $1 U.S. dollar to Australian dollar is $1.45 based on October 10, 00 (http//



Joint ventures are a popular method of expanding business. Major corporations and mid-sized companies are getting together, and small business can, too, on a less formal basis. It recognizes the dedication and hard work of every company, organization, and individual, it has made a yhbevgerfyjher rtnujtruhbv to the goals of the company. To introduce our product in the market we would advertise it through yellow pages, newspaper and catalogue. Thus, when our business operates accordingly it will be advertised on billboards and sponsor charity events to increase sales.

For Alaskan market we are aiming to build it in the city of Wrangell. It is strategically located in central southeast Alaska, in the heart of the Inside Passage and the Tongass National Forest. “Wrangell is easily accessible to all other major southeast communities as well as key hubs of Seattle, WA, Juneau, AK and Anchorage, AK. The community itself is on the northern end of Wrangell Island, just .5 miles from the Stikine River Delta”. (REFERENCE)

Wrangell is enclosed by natural resources, which are a focus for thousands of business as well as recreational visitors each year. By this, it is simple to reach the potential customers in Alaska. Rtnyhbevgferjydr5thygw5, natural resource abundance and recreational opportunities allow Wrangell businesses and residents opportunity for economic growth and recreational pursuits. As a result, there is a high prospect that the mining business will earn a lot of profit as well as expand its business in the future. In addition, it is very easy for the business to open and will easily gain the investment it made.

Wrangell also boasts an outstanding quality of life for individuals or businesses seeking to relocate. The community is striving to enhance business opportunities and transportation to support development needs to remain competitive in todays changing business climate. This is one of the main reasons why we should consider developing a manufacturing plant. Therefore, it wouldn’t be much of a problem for the market to be known. As a result, it is possible for the company to export its product to other nearby country.

There are a lot of reasons why Wrangell is chosen as a location to start a new business. Wrangell has long been known for the richness of its resources. “Today, Wrangell is rich in opportunities for growth and economic development, and recreational pursuits” (http// The local economy is positioned for growth it consist of workforce that are fully motivated as well as supportive local government. It is a very centralized location, low crime rate, service organizations, and recreational activities.

The location has all the resources in place to make your business investment pay off. It is a warm, working community with an enormous amount of opportunity and an excellent poawunc4ioy48clfqn481ociu4nvpoqiwqaunc4op awmxrv

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