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internet and music

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Internet and Music

Storage of music as computer audio files and downloading of Audio files

is becoming increasingly important.

1. What is audio file compression and why is it important for WWW music?

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1. Summarise in your own words the different audio file formats from the list here. Try

to make comments about the quality of sound and the file size.

. MP audio is rapidly becoming the standard. How does MP manage to fit music

into relatively small files?

. MP technology is open standard, this has been one of the reasons for its rapid

spread. What does open standard mean? (MPs)

4. How does the British company EMI intend to allow access to its music catalog.

What will customers have to do to acquire music from EMI?

My answers

1. Audio file compression is when you compress the data in an audio file which allows you to fit more music into it.

. Some of the audio file formats available are

WAV Developed by Microsoft and is one of the primary formats of uncompressed audio. A song would be very big in file size if you wanted good quality because of WAV’s 16bit format and because its uncompressed.

AU Developed by Sun Microsystems. Less popular then WAV and stores raw audio data at up to cd quality of 44.1 khz, 16bit and channels. Unlike the WAV format, AU can store up to any number of channels giving it the possibility of theatre like sound quality.

MP short for MPEG layer III. Developed by German company Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and presented in 18. Mp is famous and used worldwide. A factor of its widespread is its audio compression of 101 and nice quality at an average of 44.1khz and 18kbps. Additional data can be added to mp such as artist, song title, album, comment and genre. ALSO mp can come in many bitrates and sampling rates.

SHOUTCast SHOUTCast is created by Nullsoft, the makers of the famous Winamp audio player. It streams mp at different bitrates and sampling rates. This is widely used in Internet radio stations and quality can suffer if connection doesn’t remain constant.

Real Audio primary use in net radio. Like SHOUTCast it’s a streaming audio but uses real audio format and because of its streaming nature on the net radios the quality is poor because files need to keep small.

VQF Developed by Yamaha and has a slightly better compression ratio then mp. A specific player required to playback this format. Quality of this not as good as mp, but compensated by the program using different frequencies to tune it into ‘better’ quality by buffering out frequencies otherwise ignored by our brains.

Liquid Audio developed by liquid audio. MPEG layer encoding and 44.1khz sampling and 6kbs. Some people might prefer this because it exceeds just delivering music. It allows you to include into it � a still picture, artist information, playback restrictions, genre, lyrics, promos, credits etc. but must have specific program.

. Mp manages to fit into relatively small files because of its excellent compression of 101 which would make it roughly 1mb � 1min in 18kbs � 44.1khz.

4. Open standard means that it is not under one corporation, no corporation controls mp.

5. British company EMI plans to allow people to access their database of mp files and pick what ones they like to burn to a CD.

To acquire EMI files you just have to select what you like and they predict you have to pay a certain fee for each song you choose.

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