Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Favorite Day

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My Favorite Day

I wake up early, today is a special day. As I step into the shower, I begin to think of what an exciting day I have ahead of me. I take my newly washed and dried uniform off the hanger, and put it on with such pride and dignity. I start to notice all the differences there are from a normal morning, than that of a game day. Such as the things I eat, only fruits. On any other day I will eat anything. Also, the way I feel. On a normal days the sun doest shine the same, the grass doesn’t feel as wet and ready to be played on, and the way the wind hits me is different.

I get into my car, turn off the radio, and focus during the drive to the field. I am thinking off the many things I have learned through soccer, about life. From the triumphs and victories, to the hardships and struggles. Many of the lessons in life, I have learned from playing soccer. I have learned what its like to be the very best and what its like to be the worst. The feeling of being at the top of your game, hardly any flaws, and then realizing that all can come crashing down when you begin to think too big. It’s like you have the world at your feet, and one thing happens and it all disappears. Now, back to where you started, so many years ago, you’re at the beginning. My mind still wandering I think of the emotional struggles I have had playing soccer. From losing teammates and coaches, losing games, and getting hurt. All which have an effect with the way you play.

I come to the field and walk over to my team’s side. As I start to put my equipment on, my mind is set on the next 80 minutes. I try to imagine the game being played in my head. I can see all the right things being played out, but also can see the flaws and mistakes we’ve made in the past and now is when we fix them.


We begin to warm-up. All anxiety and anticipation is gone, because now we are 10 minutes away from starting the game. As Captain, I run the team. I begin the drills until it’s time for equipment check. Five minutes has passed and the referees are now calling us to the sidelines. They do their check and ask for Captains to do the coin flip. I walk to the referees and my opponents completely focused and ready to play. “Players, shake hands,” says the referee. Then he flips the coin, we call, “Heads.” We win the flip, we want ball. We shake hands again and back to our team to head last words from Coach and to be announced.

The next thing I hear is , “ Starting, at stopper, number 18.” The crowd goes wild as I run to the center of the field. I stand on the center circle alone, waiting for my opponent’s handshake, we exchange, and then I run to my team and get them fired up. “ Go Muskies,” we shout loudly.

It is now exactly 0 seconds before kick-off. All I hear is the ref saying, “ Goalie, you ready? Keep you ready?” Then, the whistle is blown, I run to the ball and run my favorite play. I am now in my sanctuary, where no one else can come, I am now living my dream.

Forty Minutes has passed, and the score 0-0, fatigue is setting in. Luckily, we have a 10 minute break, so I can rebuild my concentration on the game alone. No fans, no coaches, no ref’s, only girls doing the thing they love. I listen to coach speak of the things we need to improve, and things we need to continue doing. I am now ready to go give my heart for another 40 minutes, without ever giving up. Then, I step back on the field and heard the exact words I heard 50 minutes ago, “ Goalie, you ready? Keep, you ready?” Then, the whistle is blown, and it all begins again.

Until this moment the game was equal, but our team has a corner kick and I am feeling lucky. Kate kicks the ball to the same place every time, which is to me. This time I take a step back before she kicks and moved in while the ball is floating in the air. I stick my head out, and make contact. It’s going in is all I am thinking. Sure enough, top left corner, perfect placement. The game is now ours 1-0, so we decide to play 5 back on defense, although still trying to score another goal to ensure our victory. The final whistle blows, we have won! My teammates and coaches on the bench, run onto the field to celebrate with us. We shake hands with the other team and the referees, and continue to celebrate our victory.

Walking off the field, I feel pride and joy that we have just beat a team no one thougth was possible to beat. I take off my equipment, walk to my car, and drive home, excited about the next game.

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