Monday, June 18, 2012

Science Lake Field Trip

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Environmental Focus

B. Sample as many habitats as possible to see what type of organisms live in each. Then answer the following

What are the life zones in this lake, and what kinds of creatures inhabit them?

You can separate this lake into two zones. The Linetic zone, which is the middle area of the lake contains most fish and other larger living organisms such as turtles. The other zone in this lake is called the Litoral zone. The Litoral zone is the area where the water meets the bank. This zone contains various forms of plant life and other smaller organisms.

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How do dissolved oxygen levels in the water change through the seasons? When this lake freezes over in the winter (or if it did), what effect on oxygen levels does that have? Why?

The melting of the frozen lake in the spring creates a circulation of nutrients and oxygen. This melting creates a ‘turn over’ in the lake, which lets the lake start fresh come spring time.

How might human manipulations that occur here (such as fish stocking, herbicide application, fishing, etc.) affect lake processes?

Fish stocking can be good for a lake. The stocking of more of certain species of fish can help a lake/pond establish a stronger ecosystem. Although, if too much of a new species is introduced to a lake it could destroy its ecosystem. For instance, if a large amount of Northern Pike (large predator fish) were introduced into a pond full of mostly small predator/prey fish it could disrupt the ponds fragile ecosystem. The Pike would devour all the other fish, while the Pike itself would have no natural predator to help control its own population. Over fishing and herbicide can diminish fish populations to a point where the lakes ecosystem could collapse.

What causes algal blooms in some lakes and not in others? Describe the natural and cultural causes of eutrophication in a eutrophic lake?

Lakes with little current and in direct sun light can normally have more algal blooms then lakes in shady areas, with stronger currents. If a lake is near a farm, the spraying of pesticides that may run off into a lake can cause the lake to have large amounts of algal blooms.

How can algal blooms result in late summer fish kills?

If a lake is consumed by algal blooms it can have detrimental effects on the fish in the lake. There will be less space for the fish to survive which can in it self lower the lakes population of certain fish. Too many algal blossoms in a lake can actually suffocate the fish, because too many algal blossoms can cut down on the lakes natural circulation.

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