Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why Teachers are Trying to Eliminate Sites Like This One

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Teachers today have to face a number of problems. One of them involves essays that are printed on the Internet. Every year, I try to teach students to write well so that they can be successful in the future. Every year, they go to sites like yours. So, Im going to give you back some of my thoughts. It probably wont make sense, but I wonder if you care about that. By the way, regarding the essay that someone stole from you, that student will receive a zero on the assignment, thanks to sites like yours. I hope that you think that you are doing something beneficial for our society. Think a long time about that one. Think a long time. What follows are some additional thoughts.

Trying to hold on to the delights of teaching can sometimes be a challenge. It’s like trying to hold on to your sense of humor in a war zone. When I decided to major in education in college, I never thought that my job would involve any serious battles. No one told me ahead of time that students come to school just for the social life. The education professors in college just told us one thing�one lie�that “everyone has an innate desire to learn.” I’ve gotten to the place in my life where I can forgive them for the lie. After all, they need their jobs, too. If no one majored in education anymore, they wouldn’t be able to eat. Poor souls! Just think of them…homeless…starving in the streets. Hmmm…not a bad picture. Okay, so maybe I haven’t forgiven them completely.

If living with the lie isn’t enough trauma to deal with, then there’s the reaction of the public to my career choice. Every time I tell people what I do for a living, they cringe and say, “Oh, I would never want to do that! I can’t stand the attitudes of high school students. You teach what? English? Oh, that must be terrible! I always hated English!” Okay, so no one understands why I’ve done this to myself. Sometimes, I can’t, either. There only seems to be one solution.

For years now, I’ve told my students that I am going to write a book about them and my experiences as a teacher. Perhaps if the book is good enough, I’ll be able to afford to take a lovely vacation to some exotic island with white, sandy beaches surrounded by that beautiful blue water that I only get to experience through television commercials. If I get to that exotic island, perhaps God will be gracious and allow me to stay there�forever. Or, perhaps, if it isn’t good enough, at least I’ll understand, for myself, why I am a teacher. This may not be very organized, but I will write about things as they pop into my head. First, I will discuss the cheaters.


All parents live with the delusion that their children are sweet, innocent, little darlings. You can’t blame the parents. It’s just that the little darlings are experts in delusion themselves. They delude their parents into believing that they are innocent. They use the big-sad-eye approach, followed by the pouting lip. They trot off to church on Sunday, dutifully obeying their parents, sitting reverently in the pew, and feigning holiness better than any actor who ever had to portray the Pope in a movie. The only sign of any breech in this peaceful scene comes when I enter the church. Then they fidget a little and appear to be slightly uncomfortable. Probably because…THEY KNOW that……I KNOW that…..THEY ARE LITTLE FAKERS!!! They’re so afraid, in those moments, that I’ll say something to their parents. They’re afraid I’ll remove the veil of their deception and tell their parents that their church behavior only lasts on Sunday. On Monday, when I get them, its obvious that they missed the sermon on Sunday. Perhaps...just perhaps...they were sleeping....dreaming about using an Internet site like this one to get an English assignment done without really having to think at all. Thank you findfreeessays.com. Thank you.

Oh, and if this doesnt really make sense. I dont care. I dont have that much respect for your uneducated opinion.

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