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American Alligator

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The American Alligator


Were it is found Page 1

Habitat Page

Why it is endangered Page

What action was done to help? Page

What I think hold for the future Page 4

Description of the animal Page 5

Were the animals found?

The animal is found in the southeastern of North America in swamps and rivers

North America


Red dot = Were they are found

Grey Land = Alaska

Brown Land =Canada

Green Land = United States of America

Yellow Land = Mexico

What is the animal’s habitat like?

The American alligator lives in fresh water and is common in swamps, rivers, bayous and marshes. Its habitat is around water and land in the U.S.A. They stretch out in the sun early in the day, soaking up the suns heat to enable them to carry out all their daily activities such as hunting, defending territories, etc. The winter months are spent dormant, often buried in the mud at the bottom of ponds and swamps in holes

Why is the animal endangered?

The alligator was slain for it’s skin to be made into purses, wallets etc. Over 10,000 alligators were killed in a short time and there numbers fell quickly as this was still going on. They were on the edge of extinction until people took action

What action, if any is being taken to protect this animal?

It went as an endangered animal because people wanted there skin so people took action to stop this killing but to keep the skin as well. So they made alligator farms were they would specially raise this reptile and then kill it, to get the skin with out hurting the ones in the wild. Pouches stopped killing alligators because people were buying skin from the farms, that’s why the farms had a great effect

What do you think the future holds for this animal?

The Alligator farms had a great effect as the numbers of the alligators in the wild grew again and are no longer in trouble but they still are protected so it wont happen again as these farms are going well. With that I think the alligators will live on for a very long time

Alligator Farm

Slogan Stay out of our way and we’ll stay out of yours! Or we’ll take your leg…and maybe your arm too

Description of animal

The American alligator can grow up to 6 meters long broadly rounded snout distinguishes it from crocodiles. Fourth tooth on each side of lower jaw is hidden when mouth is closed. Young are black with yellowish crossbars. Mature alligators are coal black when wet, dark Grey when dry.

Difference between Alligators and Crocodiles

Snout Jaws and Teeth Salt Glands on Tongue Sensory Pits

ALLIGATORS Wide, U-shaped, short Upper jaw wider than lower jaw, overlapping it. The lower teeth are mostly hidden when mouth is closed (and fit into sockets in the upper jaw). Salt glands are non-functional. Sensory pits only near jaws.

CROCODILES Narrow, V-shaped, long Upper jaw is about the same size as lower jaw.

The lower teeth show outside the upper jaw when mouth is closed (especially noticable is the huge fourth tooth). The upper teeth show outside the lower jaw. Salt glands on the tongue excrete excess salt. Sensory pits over most of

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