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Color a New You- Process analysis

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Color a New You

How many women and men in America color their hair? The number may surprise you. Color is a fun and sometimes creative way to express yourself or to cover gray hair. Whatever the reason, hair color is one of the most popular chemical services a salon provides. The only draw back for many people is the expense of a professional color job. Most salons charge a minimum of $0 a visit and often does not include styling. Imagine an affordable alternative. The Solution color your hair at home. This may sound a little intimidating to some people, but it’s easy as 1,,!

The first step involves deciding on a hair color. Many people stick to their natural color, which is the easiest way to go since the new growth of natural color will be less detectable. The potential colorist sould decide if their natural colors are warm or cool. For example, if the hair color is brassy, red, or gold, then the natural hair color is considered to be warm. If it is beige, ashy, or bluish then it is cool. The same determination should be made for skin color. Once the self consultation is done, remember to select a color from within the right tone.

The next stepis to get the color and get to work. There are many local stores that sell several brands of hair colors. Its not necessary to be a professional to find the right products, but choose a color from the selection. When it is time to color find an old shirt to wear, preferably a button up because when its time to rinse it is easier to remove without getting the color all over it. It should be a work shirt because if any of the color gets on the shirt, it will more than likely stain. Make sure the hair is free of tangles and fairly clean. It is always best to work in front of a mirror. The best place for this is the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom, open the box of goodies. Put on the gloves and get started!

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Pour the entire bottle of color into the applicator bottle. Add two ounces of creme developer to the applicator and replace the applicator top. Gently rock the applicator bottle back and forth to mix the color for about one minute. Some boxes are supplied with different items, so just follow the directions that come with the kit. Start applying the color at the front of the hairline. Saturate the hair from root to ends and work from the front to the back of the neck. To thoroughly cover the back of the head, work the color just like a shampoo. Pour out any remaining color from the applicator bottle and rinse it with warm water for future use. If not, it can be disposed.

The instructions in the box might recommend loosely piling your hair on top of your head. It is important not to do this. Piling, wadding, twisting, or anything else of this nature is the wrong thing to do. If you do this, your color can turn out streaked, spotty, uneven or not take at all. Instead, lightly separate the hair with the gloved fingers and let the hair breathe. Process the hair for thirty-five minutes, then rinse with water and use a deep conditioner, or the one included with the kit.

Go ahead, style your beautiful hair into that incredible new do you have been wanting to try. You will be glad you did. Your friends will be envious of your bouncy, new hair. People will complement you, thus boosting your self esteem, your personal image, and your all around happiness. Sometimes it’s nice to try a change, so go ahead pamper yourself.

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