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Johann Wolfgan Vin Goethe was a poet, dramatist, and scientist, born in Frankfurt, Germany. He wrote lyric poetry in his time. He was inspired by his relationships with a series of women. His love for classical Italy, and his passion for Christiane Vulpius, whom he married in 1806, was expressed in the poem Römische Elegien (175) and more. One of his quotes that dealt with courtesy is expressed through his human relationships.

The quote says that “there is a courtesy of the heart; it is allied to love. From it springs the purest courtesy in the outward behavior.”

The quote means that courtesy and love are on the same level and when you receive them they are good for your heart. It also means that the love and courtesy in your heart is symbolic to what you are worth. There is no risk in lending courtesy. It is like love, a priceless happiness, it satisfies and is very effective. It is friendly and welcomes all who use it and also those who receive it. Courtesy is like a two way street leading to kindness and compassion.

This quote applies to Johann Wolfgan Vin Goethe life because he is famous and had many friends.

The fact that his quote survived up to today for people to read shows that courtesy goes a long way. It shows that no matter how small an act of courtesy is it will never be wasted. He was popular and made time in his life to practice courtesy that is why his quotes are still relevant today. He viewed courtesy as the foundation of starting strong loving families, and a good community, which would in turn, gives birth to a healthy world. Courtesy does not only go as far as referring to people by titles such as Mr., Miss, or Mrs. It goes way further than that. Courtesy can be demonstrated through polite behavior, good manners, or polite remarks. Courtesy is listening and asking intelligent questions. It means to not interrupt and do not get impatient and angry. Courtesy can also be interpreted as not instigating and asking questions on a sensitive issues. Courtesy is when you are quiet in the hallway. Or in my case writing larger so people can see it. Courtesy is using such words as “thank you” when the lunch lady hands you your food. When someone gets up and gives you there seat on the bus is also an act of courtesy. With something to think about, make it a great day or not. The choice is yours.

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