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Sherwood Anderson begins the book Winesburg, Ohio with “The Book of Grotesque”. The short story introduces the idea that people take vague thoughts, or many vague thoughts and change them into truths they live by. The people who do this are called grotesques. Another story in the book ends with Doctor Parcival explaining to George Willard that he believes that everyone in the world is Christ and we are all crucified. People are crucified because of their truths and other’s misconceptions of them.

Each short story includes George Willard, a quiet reporter and throughout the book the characters lecture George. They, like Christ, have intense beliefs on how life should be lived these are their truths. People base their decisions on their beliefs or “truths” and because we all have different truths people’s actions may be misunderstood. Doctor Parcival must have had a reason to not go to see the girl on the street. This decision was based on his truths and he knows that no one will understand his reason because they have different truths. This is similar to Jesus who tried to instill the words of God, which were his truths on the people. People did not want to try to understand because they had their own truths that may have kept them from making effort to see his.

Jesus was crucified because he caused pandemonium in the town with his beliefs. Some religions say that he was crucified so that the sin of man can be forgiven and so that they can reach salvation. When Christ died on the cross he was laid to rest in a cave and a rock was used

to close it. One morning the rock had been moved away and Jesus was gone. Since Jesus had disappeared from the cave and he died for man, people began to believe he was the Son of God and adopt his truths. Thousands of years later people still adopt and believe in his truths.

When we die however, people don’t adopt our truths or even try to understand them. There is nothing to make them believe they are true unlike Jesus. This is why Doctor Parcival is going to be “uselessly crucified” he has not finished his book and therefore he has not taught his truths. When he is “hung on a lamp post on Main Street” people will not adopt his truths.

Sherwood Anderson may have also been playing upon the word crucify. Webster’s Dictionary defines crucifixion not only as being put to death by being nailed to a cross but as being treated cruelly or being tormented. The characters in Winesburg, Ohio open up to George and try in instill upon him their truths because he is so quiet. They are unaware of his truths because he is so quiet. He listens to them and doesn’t argue against their thoughts. If someone is firm on their beliefs they may argue against other’s beliefs. People are willing to explain their truths to George because they hope that he will understand them and take them as his own. Doctor Parcival may be saying that everyone will be criticized for his or her truths. People will disagree with them and maybe even dislike them. Everyone will be treated cruelly because they hold truths different from everyone else’s. Just as Jesus and Doctor Parcival will die because of their actions based on their truths.

People try to instill their truths on others, but because they too have truths they are unwilling to understand them. Christ also tried to teach his truths to others and many were against him because of that. After he was crucified people began to adopt his truths. Our death or crucifixion however, is not as significant because it does not teach others our truths. To crucify may also mean to be treated cruelly. Doctor Parcival is saying that like Christ we live by our truths and because of that each one of us will be treated cruelly or “crucified”.

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