Thursday, July 12, 2012

Leading Work Teams

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After diagnosing my level of competence in empowering and delegating by taking the “Diagnostic Surveys for Empowering and Delegating” self-assessment in the text, I received a total score of 101 points. As indicated in the text, a score between 5 and 108 points suggests a need for improvement. Managers need to empower their subordinates and delegate responsibility so that they are energized and encouraged to do their tasks efficiently. Evidence indicates that employees if empowered, may become more productive, more satisfied and more innovative. By improving my empowering and delegating skills, I will be able to build a strong and productive work team and in turn, make my department more effective and dynamic.

As a system administrator, I am constantly assigning tasks to individual users or requesting information from Department Managers regarding new enhancements to the system. I am looked upon as a source of information for new enhancement requests or current system functionality. It has been quite difficult for me to delegate some tasks that I initiated and this has been an overwhelming burden � especially during peak shipping times when my reporting skills are a priority. It is very crucial in my position to be able to delegate responsibility when necessary and foster the right creativity among key users who can then serve as role models for the other less-experience system users. I would like to be more empowering so that I can trust my power users to follow through with some assignments that would help them better understand and utilize the system features. I have outlined how I will execute my plan in the following steps

1. From next week, I will develop my knowledge and skills by reading more literature on Empowering and Delegating via the Internet and through articles in my management textbooks. This way I can familiarize myself with key concepts and develop techniques to use on my job and in my personal life.

. I will try to foster personal master experiences by assigning or delegating one task at a time to individuals (rather than giving them large tasks which sometimes become overwhelming). I would try to give each individual more responsibilities as they solve problems thus developing the needed skills to accomplish these tasks.

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. For the most part, I will try to model success behaviors by demonstrating or pointing our key contributors at our monthly touchbase meetings � highlighting their accomplishments.

4. I will continue to provide support and regular feedback so that my users are encouraged to ask more questions.

5. I will try to arouse “positive emotions” by scheduling more activities during our team meetings that facilitate friendship or partnering formation among members.

6. I will strive to provide the necessary training and development exercises as well as act as a technical and administrative support so that users have access to the necessary resources to do their tasks.

I would then like to re-evaluate my empowering and delegating competency at the end of the month by re-taking the same self-assessment in the text. My goal is to score above 1 points that would indicate I have improved.

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