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car robbery

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Now a days cities and towns are getting more crowded. In California, people have more cars per one family. As a link to that, people have less space to make parking lots. Most houses have parking lots in the basement of their apartments. Some of the houses have parking by the side of the streets. That way it gets more crowded. Sometimes people, who live in apartments and park by the street, usually don’t get a parking space if they don’t get there early. Therefore, they have to park their cars far from their apartments. There are more chances of getting car stolen when people park their cars far away from their houses and in an isolated area.

People could get car robbed by making some easy mistakes. Such as leaving the keys in the ignitions, leaving the door unlock while putting or taking things out of the trunk, and sometimes reselling it.

You can solve the problem of car robbery by working on some of your habits. One of those habits is leaving the key inside of the car. In some cases, people, if they want to go to pick up somebody, they just leave the keys in the ignitions. They think they will come back in a minute. But in that minute anybody who only does the business of stealing, has a good chance of taking off with the car. It happens more in the residential area than at the stores. If they can‘t remember to take out the keys then they should have some kind of


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beeper system. So if they leave the key inside the car than the beeper beeps and then they don’t have a problem of getting their car stolen.

Another mistake people do is they leave the door unlock. You can solve that by having a beeper system. Another, having an alarm system. That goes on when you leave the door open. Also, you should check all doors twice before you off to any place you want to go. Most of the time people are in so much hurry that they forget to lock the door. Sometimes they lock all the doors by using the manual lock. It may not always work. Most of the time it works, but you never know when something will happen if the door you think is locked, and it’s not. So it’s better to use a key to lock the door than using a manual lock.

The next thing people do is, they do not use a key to open the trunk. They use a remote, or they open the trunk from inside of the car. That way they forget to lock the door and just go to put things or take out things from the trunk. Sometimes someone can come and drive away with the car. Once in the news they showed how someone drove away a car with child in it.

Cars even get stolen while reselling them. Sometimes when people want to resell the car, they let the customer try it who sometimes drive off and never come back. It was in the news one day, “be careful while reselling the car.” If you want to resell the car, and the other person wants to try it, then you should go with that person. Another, you can get all the registration papers and other important document from the car, so that person can not sell it again. Next, you can get that person’s address, phone number, and other information before showing the car, and letting them try it.


It’s a big risk if you forget the key inside, or leave the door open even by

mistake. It costs people much more than their money and time. Usually people do such kind of mistake in hurry. Also, you can not know by looking at a person that if that person is a robber or not. Therefore, I think there are many ways to remind your self that someone could take a chance of your forgetful memory. Finally, these were some of the solution for prevent your cars stolen.

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