Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ceremonies in Dark Old Men

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In Lonne Elder III’s Ceremonies In Dark Old Men, Mr. Russell Parker owns a barbershop that is on the verge of failing. His two sons, Theopolis and Bobby, are both active participators in the crime scene of Harlem. His daughter, Adele, works many hours a week to support her father and her two brothers. This cast carries us thru the action of this play. Three aspects of this play caught my attention as I read it. Adele’s attitude throughout the play, Bobby’s crimes, and the cliffhanger ending caught my attention more than the rest.

Adele’s attitude throughout the play changes several times based upon the events that are happening around her. At the opening of the play, she’s working hard to support her father and her brothers, and all they do in return is expect her to do more. Her attitude changes again when her brothers and father finally go into business for themselves producing corn whiskey. She undergoes another change of attitude when she finds out that her brother, Bobby, has been killed. Adele’s attitudes add a lot of suspense to this play, and it helps to move the action from one act to another. Without it, I do not think the play would have had the same meaning and impact on me.

The crimes that Bobby commits during the course of the play increased my reaction to the play. He starts off with very small things. Occasionally stealing something from here and something from there, but with time, he ends up stealing a typewriter for his father’s birthday just because Theo said that their dad would enjoy having a typewriter. When Theo starts producing corn whiskey, Bobby began breaking into various stores during the night and robbing them blind, stealing major items. This move up in burglary set the stage for the cliffhanger at the end of the play, and I feel that it was a necessary part of the play.

The end of this play was one major cliffhanger. I found out that Bobby was killed during a robbery. When Theo and Adele found out, they both were in total shock and neither of them spoke a word during the entire second scene of act two. I then found out that Mr. Jenkins had heard the news and was coming over to tell Mr. Parker what had happened. About this time, Mr. Parker comes back into the action and just keeps rambling on and on about the happenings and how he beat Mr. Jenkins in a game of checkers, completely unaware of what has happened to his son. The play just drops off with him asking, “Say, where’s Bobby?” This cliffhanger was one of the best I had ever read, and it left me hanging there wondering what had happened.

In my opinion, this was one of the best plays I had ever read, and I would most definitely recommend it to anyone who ever asked me to give them something to read. The plot and storyline of the play was wonderful and had my attention from the very beginning, and the cliffhanger at the end just astonished me and left me thinking of all the possible things that could have happened when Mr. Parker found out about Bobby’s death. I think he would have went into the basement and shot himself, but how will we ever know what truly happens?

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