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Death Sentence

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Death Sentence

An eye for an eye! If you hit me, I’ll hit you back! It this the principle we want to pass down to our future generation? According to the jury on the case of Alexander Sorto, a criminal that was given the death sentence for the murder of two victim, this is the principle we want to pass down to our children. After reading over the article that contain the information on the case, I have take my stand on opposing with the jury decision. I think that the jury didn’t made the right decision. There are three factors that helped me reach my final decision first, does government or civilian that participate in the trail have the right to take away someone else life, second, the execution of innocent people, and third it is cruel to put a person to death.

Does the government or the jury have the right to take away another person life? As we all know, the government have the right to protect its people from harm, but the government does not have the right to judge whether or not a person have to give up his life for the crime that he had commit. On the other hand, jury are civilian who participate to fulfill their duty as a citizen of the United States, no more then the government have the right to decision whether a person should live or die. Neither both of them have that right.

For example, the government has the right to self defense, such as, a policeman firing on a dangerous criminal. Then does a civilian have the right to shoot an intruder, who is trying to enter his home. What is the civilian catches the intruder, incapacitated him, and had him under control, then shoot the intruder, would that be considered murder. This proves that whether you a law enforcer or a civilian you still don’t have the right to confiscated someone life.

The second factor is what if the person who’s being execute is innocent? Can the government give the person back his life that they had taken away? There are many case in the old days that people didn’t had a fair trail and was executed for a crime they didn’t have commit. The execution of an innocent person comes somewhat close to a murder. The risk of executing an innocent person is impossible to calculate, but is it not zero. For example, one time I watched a movie name “The life of David Gale”. In this movie David Gale play an important role. All his life David Gale had try everything to abolish the death penalty, but time after time he was accuse of crimes that he did not commit. It had even ruin his career as a college professor at a well known university, but nothing compare to the last crime that he was convict of the murder of his best friend. Soon after the trail Gale was executed. At the end of the movie, the report that had the last interview with Gale, release a video tape that review the murder was a stage set up by Gale best friend to prove that the death penalty is unjust. This movie make me realize that the government make mistake and innocent people can be kill from it.

The last factor is that the death penalty is cruel. For those who have never witness an execution does not know how it feel to seat in the execution chair waiting for death to catch up to you. The cruelest part of the execution is to know your going to death soon, and there are nothing you could do beside seating there and count the time you have left. Also the methods that are often use to execute people are found to be extremely cruel. It often takes ten minutes or more for a felon to die in the electric chair. The only methods that is known not to be painful is the lethal injection, which we know very little of.

Since grade school we were taught to forgive and forget, but how come we can’t apply that standard to our every day life? Why should we put someone to death just because they took away our loves on? We doing just the same thing to they just as they did to us. Therefore, I think that the verdict which the jury had made is incorrectly. There are better methods to punish a person for the crime they commit rather then the death penalty. Furthermore, I hope that all these facts support my position about the verdict.

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