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Social events for married couples happened for the most part at church or at bowling leagues. Families hung out often and the relationship with each other grew. Families today are more distant and there are hardly any relationships with friends and neighbors. A night out at a romantic movie was very common but these movies didn’t have any nudity like today. Country Western was the music that was listened to. As the years pasted the movies became more liberal and the Rock-n-Roll was the well-known genre.

Parents’ supervision on their kids was constant and varied by age. Parents told their kids that they were to go to school and come home right after. When the kids were a bit older their parents told them to be home by the time the street light came on. If the kids wanted to go do something with their friends and needed transportation, the parents were it. This continued until they got their license at age 16. There weren’t any disagreements with any of the authority given by the parents. Except when the kids went to college and thought they had more freedom there.

The dress code for school was button shirt and slacks for the men and a dress for the women. Kids in lower grades admired the kids in the higher grades. The hung out with them and learned from them. Dating wasn’t towering when he was attending school. If there was any dating usually happening around age 16, school was the place they spent time together. They went to athletic games and dances together. Pregnancy was very low in school for unmarried relationships; families despised the idea of it. The response if it happened was being kicked out of school and social disgrace.

Families in no way under any circumstance agree upon divorce. Dave knew of very few, if any, who were divorced. Relationships were built on commitment and they worked their problem out no matter what. People who were single were this way because of the struggle between career and family, so they chose career over marriage.

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