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Cambridge Jerked Chicken

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About as tired as road kill, this subject must be after run the lines of this paper, looking forward to the eighteen wheels of the diesel truck on the horizon. “Cognition, Convention, and Certainty What we need to Know about writing”, is a review by Patricia BIzzell of Cognitive Processes in Writing, Ed. Lee W. Gregg. They both must have already found the secret to humanity to devote such intellect to this poor, fly less, tire marked animal. As many of my rescue instructors drilled in us is, “keep it simple,” when there is more complication there is more that can go wrong. So the battle stage is set. We have the inner-directed theorist VS the blood thirsty outer-directed theorist. Are we born with A fundamental Universal language or were we taught it by the “discourse community” (the community we were brought into) through the “discourse conventions” (the ways of the community we were brought into). I share the views of The Yeng Yang, life is all about balance. I believe we inherit a lot of who we are however our surface is subject to change through our experiences with our environment.

It is apparent to me through witnessing the development of my niece that the outer �directed view of “one can’t have an idea one doesn’t have a word for” (Bizzel), Is as true as truth is absolute. Before she knew a word she did have ideas of going to Mac Donald’s every time we pasted the reining golden arches. The American global empire did save the day while we were in Europe. She definitely had strong ideas to go out side with clear concise communication pulling at you and pointing to the front glass door. Maybe George Dillon’s “bottom-to-top” was not completely false.

The lack of studies leaves only my own accounts to back my hypothesis of how we inherit more than most realize. I do sometimes here of biological identical twins separated at birth ending up to be identical in not just looks but also choices, names, cars, favorites, and even spouses. My niece could not even walk yet she so desired to be outside when a car pasted playing loud music she danced to the rhythm. Her mother would always be outside as a child and later on the dance floor at the club. I remember a few years back going grocery shopping with her when her favorite song played she grabbed my hand we started dancing there on spies isle.

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Flower-Hayes cognitive Process Theory may have been disappointingly clich� but Vygotsky’s dialectical relationship describing children’s lingua development as verbal thought is rather intriguing. I still stand with Yeng Yang life is about balance.

I do like how Bizzel at least first began to address the issue of our current problem, our education or lack there of. It is hard to learn/teach style to someone like myself, a product of the single working parent generation, standing on a patchy foundation of basic grammar and reading skills. We can hope all the persevering analysis may give some light cause a spark to the wild fire of momentum we need to raise our American education standards up to par with the rest of the world possible surpassing to be the elite we boast we are.

I believe most our core traits and behavioral tendencies are genetically passed from our parents. Since we our born with these core traits and tendencies it inherently effects our development of language and communication skills. However this clay block of traits is subject to being molded from our experiences with our environment. I therefore maintain my balance with life keeping the peace between the inner-directed theorist and the blood thirsty outer-directed theorist. Chicken without any spies is just bland chicken.

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