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Christopher Marlowe vs. Sir Walter Raleigh

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Carpe Diem poetry is a unique style of writing that focuses on enjoying the present without concern for the future. Two successful authors, Christopher Marlowe and Sir Walter Raleigh have used the Carpe Diem style to write two delightful poems. “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” by Marlowe and “The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd” by Raleigh both relate because Raleigh’s poem is actually a written response to Marlowe’s poem. Marlowe and Raleigh’s point-of-views have a great way of affecting the delivery of the poems’ themes. The theme of each poem has a great impact on the audience’s reaction. This is because of how two poems of the same idea have a completely different message.

“The Passionate Shepherd to his Love” is a poem that mainly focuses on love with nature. Marlowe explains this relationship by writing about a Shepherd who describes various pleasures of nature if his love would live with him. Marlowe clearly sets an illustration to the reader’s mind with his descriptiveness in the poem. As the reader, I think this poem is written in a delightful tone. It makes me observe nature as a place of pure comfort. The theme of this poem states tat a common individual will do his or her best to comfort their love with the best of nature. “The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd” is a poem with the same idea. What makes this poem different is that Raleigh has written it in the Nymph’s point-of-view. This is also a response to Marlowe’s poem. The focus of this poem is the future. The Nymph replies with concern of the consequences of the Shepherd’s pleasures. Time becomes an important part of the poem because time can dramatically change the conditions of the environment. An example of this occurs in stanza three, “the flowers to fade, and wanton fields to wayward winter reckoning yields...”. An example of how materialistic pleasures lose meaning through time occurs in stanza four, “...thy kirtle, and thy posies soon break, soon wither, soon forgotten...”. After reading this poem, I think this poem is written with concern and sorrow. Raleigh’s use of words such as “wither”, “heart of gall”, and “rotten “ reinforce the theme. The theme states that true love is not achieved through natural pleasures, but through the emotions and care of a lover’s heart.

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In addition to Marlowe and Raleigh’s wise use of words, various poetic devices are included throughout both poems. In “the Passionate Shepherd to His Love”, personification is used in line 8. In “The Nymph’s Reply to the shepherd”, personification is used in lines 1 and 1. In line 7 of this poem, “Philomel” is an example of an allusion. Metaphors are used in stanza three. Line 15 contains an echo of the word, “soon”. Diction, or the poet’s choice of words, is a device that contributes to the overall tone of the poems. In Marlowe’s poem, “melodious birds” and “leaves of myrtle” are two examples that make the delightful tone of the poem. In raleigh’s poem, “wayward winter” and “reason rotten” are two examples that adds sorrow to the theme. These poetic devices are what reinforces the ideas of both poems. Without them, readers would see a “flat” poem with no significant meaning.

Christopher Marlowe and Sir Walter Raleigh have very unique perspectives when the Carpe Diem style of poetry is involved. Marlowe looks into seizing today’s opportunities, while Raleigh looks into future concerns. They successfully create an idea of love and nature, but in two different perspectives. Therefor the overall theme of both poems states that lovers will strive to comfort their love as best as they can, yet they fail to realize that much of what they have is not promised to last forever. Without Raleigh’s response to Marlowe, the overall theme would not be stated the way it is. Without Marlowe’s poem, the overall theme may not exist. The whole idea is love versus time.

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