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NATIONAL DESK | August 5, 00, Monday

Old ID Card Gives New Status to Mexicans in U.S.

By RACHEL L. SWARNS (NYT) 1705 words

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Late Edition - Final , Section A , Page 1 , Column 4

ABSTRACT - Indianapolis and seven other Midwestern cities are accepting identity card issued by Mexican government, offering Mexicans who are in US illegally a startlingly new sense of legitimacy; card has been issued by Mexican government for more than 100 years to keep track of its citizens in US; now American cities and states are recognizing card, too, in effort to identify residents in aftermath of terrorist attacks of Sept 11, and as way to better serve immigrants; now immigrants in Midwestern cities with Mexican identification card can borrow library books, arrange city water services, apply for building licenses and permits to drive taxis, among other things; illegal immigrants who carry card still risk deportation and are still barred from working by federal law, but they often live more freely in cities that recognize card; photos (M) “Since September 8th, government-chartered planes or buses have moved more than 4100 immigrants in Arizona to Texas border cities. From there, they are sent back to Mexico “. In other words deportation know as Border Patrol’s Lateral Repatriation Program that consist on the expulsion of an illegal alien hundreds of miles away from where they were caught.

Over the last two centuries illegal immigrants have became a major problem for U.S. Border Patrol authorities, and Federal Agencies have spent millions of dollars trying to solve this issue but no policies were set before 174 when the actions taken were arresting suspecting illegal aliens focusing always on those who showed up seasonally or those who ran during organized raids when they could arrest as many as 45 persons at the time. By 176 arrest procedures were under scrutiny and then, it was when deportation hearings required full courtroom procedures. By January 18 8,811 aliens were caught along the southern border, it increased 46% from the year before.

It was when an amnesty was put in place to stop the incoming illegal aliens from Mexico. The problem rise again by the early 10’s and a new policy raised “prevention through deterrence”.

From the period of 186 through 16 border patrol was provided with more sources, including additional layers of fencing for San Diego and other major entry points. But still, this has not stopped illegal immigrants to cross the border, until now a day, when the implementation of a pilot program that has armed vigilante patrols that are trying to frighten people so they don’t cross the border as they are armed and, some aliens said, “there are not playing, they’re going to kill”. In the other hand, the Lateral Repatriation Program, known as a humanitarian program that pretends to remove immigrants from the danger of the Arizona dessert, has as main target to reduce repeated attempts to cross the border by deporting aliens from a different border to the one they used to cross, by plane, and to different cities, in Mexico, far away from the border.

As it was thought, the Border Patrol thinks this program works because of the results, 4,48 deportations and a trend of arrests in the dessert of Arizona that has dropped 18%. They may take it as a formal program despite the cost of it, $1. million dollars for the month of September, meaning that 00 aliens have been deported every day at a cost of $56,000 per flight ($0 for each one�way ticket). In the other hand, Mexican authorities are not agree because it becomes a major problem for them since they argument they are not prepared to provide shelter for the hundreds of immigrants they have been asked to held. Furthermore, the conditions in which aliens are deported are not humanitarian, since they are chained from their waist and hands and they remain the same until they are handed to Mexican authorities; as this is consider a violation to their human rights the NATO may not agree with this program, and a question is raised, why do Mexican aliens want to cross the border in spite of the U.S. government immigration policies and programs?.

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