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animal farm differences

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The film of Animal Farm is a little different than the fairy-story or fable written by George Orwell. The movie has more of a “Hollywood” effect in it where the viewer can almost predict what happens next. The book has more suspense in it. The movie makes the characters’ appearances a little diverse than the book and the way some of them look in the movie foreshadow or already give away what the role of that person is in the movie. Some of the events in the movie changes from what the book does. The dialogue in the movie is also not corresponding to the book. The relation of this film to the book is a not significantly alike.

The way certain characters and objects look in the film shows what the importance of them being in the film already is at first glance. An example of this is the appearance of Mr. Jones. He has an unshaven face of hair that gives him a dark kind of aspect. With this look the viewer can tell he is going to be one of the “bad guys” in the film. Another example would be the way Snowball and Napoleon appear. Napoleon has a dark colored body of black and brown while Snowball is as white as snow. This indicates that Snowball is pure and innocent in the movie and Napoleon has sort of a dark secret he is hiding. The book does not foreshadow these things like the movie does. This shows one kind of relation of the book to the film.

Several of the events in the movie are changed in association with the book. The way some of the story goes in the movie is made different then from what the book says just to add more “entertainment”. One way to verify this is when Old Major dies. He dies while singing “Beasts of England” at the meeting in the barn in the beginning of the movie where in the book he dies a few days later then that. When Snowball is chased off of the farm by Napoleon’s guard dogs, he is killed in the movie, while in the book he just runs off and disappears. Some of events in the film were even made up. One example of this would be when the chickens throw their eggs at the pigs because they do not want to give them up to be traded. The whole ending of this story is drastically changed too. The film shows that the animals revolt against the pigs and kill them while in the book the animals just cannot tell the difference between the pigs or the humans. These changes make another relation of the film to the book.

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The way the animals talk in the book appears to be slightly digressing to the way they talk in the movie version of this story. Not really the way they talk, but when they talk also. The movie has the animals not talking that much throughout the story and they talk in funny sounds. The book has the animals talking constantly and in words towards each other and humans. Sometimes in the movie the viewer cannot really make out what is happening because of the way the animals talk. If the viewer has not read the book then he or she will probably have a difficult time trying to make out what the animals are saying. This is another way of showing how the relationship between the book and the film is not really similar to each other.

The book version of Animal Farm and the film version of it are not really alike as the relationship with each other. The movie foreshadows some of the things that are going to happen with the way certain things appear, the events are altered around a little, and the dialogue is different in each version. The makers of the film were trying to get more of what Americans today want in movies, like with happy endings and everything. The book makes the reader keep wanting to read on because the author tries not to reveal to much about the story at one time. The book is much better then the film in many cases. The relationship between the two are definitely not alike.

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