Thursday, January 24, 2013

Not Just Children Anymore

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In each stage of life people encounter different experiences. Each stage is distinctly different from the stage before. The change from adolescence to teenage years may be the most drastic change of all. As children grow older and become teenagers, they are granted more responsibilities, respect, and freedom.

Parents begin to see their children for the first time as young adults. These young adults or teenagers are granted responsibility. They are asked to care for themselves and others around them. They are expected to do chores or to get a job. They must do well in school and maybe even help pay bills. Although many teenagers may not like these responsibilities, they gain self-respect and respect from others.

As respectable and responsible young adults, teens are granted much respect from their parents. Parents will allow their children to do things they have never done before. They may be given a later curfew, a license, or even a car. Since the parents are beginning to respect teenagers, teenagers begin to respect their parents. Teens begin to comprehend everything that their parents have done for them. Parents pay bills, carpool, cook, clean, and care for their children in every way possible. This mutual respect can bring teens and parents much closer together.

Although teens and parents may be closer together, teens are given more freedom from their parents. Parents begin to respect their children’s independence. Parents may allow dating, a license, a car, etc. The government also grants teenagers more independence than ever before. At the age of sixteen a teenager is allowed to get a driver’s license with a parent’s permission. The government also allows teenagers to vote at the age of eighteen. A closer relationship with parents usually leads to more freedom in the end.

Although teenagers are not granted all of the privileges of an adult, they are granted more than that of an adolescent. Responsibility, respect, and freedom are three of the main differences between adolescence and teenagers. The three privileges granted to teenagers are all interrelated. One privilege cannot come with out the other two privileges. The transition from adolescence to a teenager is possibly the biggest change a human can make in life.

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