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Types of People

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Often in my life, I, as you, have crossed paths with all types of people. Have you ever wondered or pondered the thought of people? Do you, or have you ever remembered a person that you can recollect, and you had a certain interest with this person? And with this person, have you ever wondered why you two clicked when you met? This was because both of you related in certain levels.

There are three types of people in this world. This means that there are three forms everyone is constructed in identity. You must devote true consideration to these three forms of people. For the information about to be disclosed to you, if applied correctly, could assist you in getting inside the person, and guiding them mentally. You must always remember, people will let you do this, if they feel a common interest, that you might display with them, or what is better known as rapport. Interviewing is an Art. Not many people can do this, and he/she has to continue to practice their skills. However, some people are naturally gifted in speaking and can communicate and socialize with all levels and/or echelons in life. For me, I had to learn this through studying and constantly applying my communication skills with practice. Discussing how to apply yourself through “Zonning”, or using a common term as a “Zone Out”, will be discussed later.

Firstly, there are your people, who see things. These people are often identified by using the basic form of the English language. They frequently express themselves by addressing such things as, do you see what I am talking about, do you see where I am coming from, do you get the picture? These people for the most part are you COE’s, in Art’s, work in Architecture, and things of that nature. They are often intelligent individuals. These people are known as your Visualist. Think about it, how often do you hear people address the weather, as in there is no Sun out today.

These people are often identified in your society as those commonly denoted as your “in crowd”, your most popular people/snobby people. If a person is predominant in this construction, be aware, in this area this person can be overly ambitious. These people frequently address their desires using the word ambition. Ambition is an excellent quality as long as it is a healthy one. These can also be your people, who are artists.

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The second form of construction are your people, who hear stuff (St). These people are always talking. They never seem to know when to shut up or in a nicer form, be quite. They often express themselves using the English language by saying things such as, do you hear where I am coming from, do you hear what I am saying (this one really annoys me to know end, I just want to scream when they do this), and a voice in my head tells me, or I hear little voices? They rarely love loud music and would prefer listening to chimes or a waterfall, something pleasant to their ears. AND MY FAVORITE, they enjoy using the maximum amount and are paramount in using their number two organ, their diaphragm. Watch them, they always inhale prior to speaking. The first favorite organ to them is their ability to speak, and hear themselves. These people are often known as your Philosophers, your comedians, and some musicians. I know, my best friend is this type of person and to spend more than 0 minutes with him, I have to get intoxicated. It is the only way I can deal with him. Poor Jerry, if he knew I related to him is this fashion, he would probably be disturbed. But as long as you never tell him, then I have nothing to worry about J. These people are identified and known as your Auditory people.

Watch them, when finished talking, the look up, what there are doing is recollecting what they just related, and in their head, they think it was a good accomplishment, and admire themselves for it; this st makes me sick, lol. Additionally, these people are always trying to make you change your mind to their opinion and often offer much support to assist you in this process.

These people are often your schizophrenics. Schizophrenics are not always bad, they do not always have negative intentions. Think of it like this, when you and I get sick, what do we do, we simply go the doctor, who prescribes medication or antibiotics for us. We do what, we take the medication until when, such time we start feeling better and then we do what, stop taking it. Well, Schizophrenics are the same way, they take their medication and when they start feeling better, they stop taking it.

The third is my favorite. Those are your people, who feel st. These for the most part are your musicians, your carpenters, your doctors, your mechanics, and things related to this. Be careful now, these people are often your people, who commit suicide. I will explain why later. These people get a sense of feeling from accomplishing something. Think about it, watch them, when they have completed a task, they do what, sit back and stare and admire it. These people sometimes take little recognition for their work, as the internal emotional feeling of self-gratification is enough for them. These people address the English language with remarks such as that related to feelings. These people are known as your Kinesthetic people.

Now, everyone for the most part is constructed in some form or fashion of all three types. Most people are primary in one area and closely related to a second. For instance, most mothers are your Kinesthetic followed by a close construction of a Visualist.

Now, a key point here is this, have you ever seen a mother, that just did not give a shit about her child. This is primarily attributed to her construction. She is probably predominant in construction with that of a Visualist. Meaning, she has very little construction is the Kinesthetic area. Meaning, the only feeling she has is for herself and how she sees herself, and how people see her. Make sense to you.

Now, your people, who are most likely to commit suicide. These are your people, who are predominant in Kinesthetic construction. Okay, let me try and articulate this in words. Have you ever seen someone, who no matter how hard you or someone else tried to talk to them, they never got what you said, never listened to you? Well, this is because you have to relate to them through feeling. See, these people are not able to SEE there way out or HEAR there way out of a situation. They are just not capable.

I know, my oldest son, Eric, who is seven is this way. I have to watch him closely. I am working with him, and it takes time. I am constantly participating in art with him. He loves to draw. That way, later in life when life starts hammering his ass, he will be able to relate through SEEING a way out of a situation.

Now is this starting to make sense to you? And no, I am not crazy. I am a certified hostage negotiator, been to the top three interviewing schools in the world, and I am an Advanced Child Abuse Investigator, both sexual and physical, counterdrug certified (same as DEA), protective services (same as US Secret Service), among a lot of other stuff. And if you spent eight years around criminals, then you would know this.

I can figure people out within the first five minutes of speaking with them, just by asking them those 17 questions stored in my head. What do you see when you look at a person, I think of the aforementioned information and start analyzing them. I love the art of studying people. And will teach you the Art of Deception (the book I am writing).

Sorry for the basic language, trying to make you understand, no need to be formal as I am not speaking to a crowd of 45-00 people as I have frequently addressed.

Now, if you happen to be visited by a person that is constructed of all three types, those are your people, that for the most part, can do things easily and just pick stuff up the first time they do anything. These are very versatile people.

Zooning, and Zone Out,

Means to become oblivious to ones surroundings. You must apply yourself in this mode and focus on the situation at hand. Remember, it is essential to one’s opponent to be without a doubt conscious of the person/subject and making the person/subject feel you are and have accepted their mistake, or displaying an extremely mental interest in the conversation for them to disclose personal information, or information concerning an incident.

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