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funeral in my brain

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In the following two poems I felt a Funeral in My Brain and Dirge for Two

Veterans, The authors Robert Frost and Walt Whitman, share similar thematic, cultural, and

formal connections throughout their poems.

In both poems, the authors explain death experiences in a mind of a person.

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Even though in Frosts poem is just a sight in a persons head, and not happening in real life as in

Whitmans poem, It still tells in details, the common feelings of death in the characters experience.

As both poems start, It is a vision and feeling that the people do not feal or see yet, but it is being sensed that odd feelings are about to occur. Like in Frosts poem, the quote ...till it seemed. That Sense was breaking through. And in Whitmans poem, I see sad procession, And I hear the sound of coming full-keyed bugles. They seem somewhat calm, but the senses and visions are on their way to the persons minds which leads on to more intense feelings.

The persons feelings begin to gain more intensity and feel a common beat to their bodies. In Frosts poem he says a drum - Kept beating - beating - till I thought, My mind was going numb, and in Whitmans poem, I hear the great drums pounding, and the small drums steady whirring. Obviously there is no drummers around banging on the drums, But this powerful pounding sound shows how tight their bodies are and an extent of paranoia. The way it is mentioned also shows that this is not just a quick effect on them, but a continuing feeling that is driving into their heads. The quotes Strikes me through and through and Kept beating... proves how compulsive these drums are.

In the poems, they both show head illusions in their characters. Like the drums, keys, a bell, pounding and beating effects. From reading these, it almost has me hearing the sounds. But these sounds are not real harmonic sounds even though they may sound loud from reading it. They are just silent thoughts, and only heard in their minds because of the situation they are in.

Another comparison in both poems, they bring about strong meaning locations. Like in Frosts poem, As all the Heavens, and in Whitmans poem In the eastern sky. They use these unproved locations to show how much impact their situation has on them. So powerful that it includes places such as Heaven and the eastern sky, which are unproved meaningful things.

The feelings the people are having seem to get more defined and stronger as the poem goes on. In Frosts poem, ...across my Soul, compared to Whitmans ...enwraps me. These quotes to me are extremely deep. These words are pure proof of how overcome they are by their experience with death. For your soul to get involved, and to be enwrapped, it is almost completely like being taken over by their situation.

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